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Stone Success (Stone County Community Learning Center)


 Community Notice Concerning 21st Century Learning Center Grant

The Stone County School Board accepted the five (5) year 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant for a total of $874,940.46. As a result, we are expanding our program. Two options will be available to provide support to students and families in our county. Program 1, Stone County Community Learning Center, will be a tuition paid service available to offer students a safe after school environment while providing homework assistance. Program 2, 21st Century Community Learning Center grant, will provide at-risk students with English Language Arts and Mathematics tutorial services based on current Teacher Support Team and district assessment data. These two program options will support the academic growth of our students. Thank you to our numerous community partners for their continued support. We look forward to our partnership as we continue to move students toward college and career.



Gayle Harris @601-528-5234 or e-mail


Find application and information on the Stone County School District's website: ;


or pick up an application at school and mail to:  


Gayle Harris

214 Critz Street

Wiggins, MS. 39577





Stone Success Regular Tuition Rates


Tuition: Tuition is $75.00 per month per child. Payments will be made for a total of 10

               months (August-May). Payments are due on the first Monday or Tuesday

               of each month.


Registration Fee: A fee of $25.00 is required on the first day of attending the program.


Time: Monday - Friday from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.


Site: The program is housed on the Stone Middle School campus. Students from the elementary

         schools are bused to the after school program and parents pick them up at the end of the day.


The program is designed to meet the needs of students in grades K-8. It will provide small group academic

instruction by certified teachers, along with enrichment activities, computer opportunities, homework

assistance, and recreational opportunities.


Our mission is to IGNITE within every student a passion for learning, to INSPIRE the pursuit of excellence,
and to INSTILL the desire to lead a productive, purposeful life.