District Documents

Folder Stone County Schools 2014-15 Executive Summary (1 Files)
Download SCSD Executive Summary.pdf
Folder District Bullying Reporting Procedure (1 Files)
Download Bullying Procedures SCSD_1.pdf
Folder District Report Card (1 Files)
Download NCLB Disrict Report Card 2013-14 All Schools.pdf
Folder Dropout Prevention-Restructuring Plan 2016-17 (1 Files)
Download SCS_Dropout_Prevention-Restructuring_Plan.pdf
Folder District Fixed Asset Policy (2015-16) (1 Files)
Download Fixed Asset Handbook 2015-16 (With Forms)
Folder ActiveParent Form (1 Files)
Download ActiveParent_Form.pdf
Folder District Student Handbooks (8 Files)
Download Section I - All Handbooks (2015-16)
Download Stone Middle Student Handbook (2016-17)
Download Sect. I - Handbook Forms (2015-16)
Download Elem. Student Handbook (2015-16)
Download Stone High Student Handbook (2015-16)
Download Alternative School Student Handbook (2015-16)
Download STONE_COUNTY_SCHOOLS_Athletic_Handbook_webpage.pdf
Download SCS Coaches Handbook (2015-16)
Folder SCSD Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) 2016-17 (1 Files)
Download 2016-17_Acceptable_Use_Policy.doc

Our mission is to IGNITE within every student a passion for learning, to INSPIRE the pursuit of excellence,
and to INSTILL the desire to lead a productive, purposeful life.